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Pioneering Greek Company of Structural Consultants

The Company is specialized exclusively in structural studies and supervision for over 30 years. This fact results in her in-depth engagement with very complex structural design projects, made of concrete, steel, timber, pre-construction, etc. In the design, advanced methods are used, such as seismic dampers, seismic insulation of buildings, etc., using international Codes of Practice.

A field of special interest concerns the projects of evaluating the structural adequacy of existing buildings and their strengthening, with over 100 important studies of this kind. This, combined with the use of cutting-edge methods, developed by John Marneris (patent, presentations at conferences), places the Company at the forefront internationally, in studies of this kind.

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J.M is pleased to provide its clients with a wide range of conventional or original solutions to better meet their needs.

Innovative Project Design

J.M has in-depth expertise in structural matters and is able to propose innovative solutions in building design.

Advanced Seismic Design

J.M applies modern cutting-edge methods, based on the use of ``passive systems`` of seismic energy absorption as well as the application of the method of ``seismic isolation`` of buildings.

Strengthening of Existing Buildings

J.M has a very significant involvement in building rehabilitation and strengthening studies, applying both conventional and advanced ``non-destructive`` methods.

Indicative Projects

The Strong Points of J.M

It employs 12 highly qualified members, most of whom have been working at J.M since its foundation.

It is registered in the catalogues of the Ministry of public works, with the highest grade (E category) for structural design projects.

It has a quality management system certificate EN ISO 9001:2008 TUV HELLAS.

It has an insurance policy to cover studies, amounting to €850,000.

It is registered to the Ministry of Defense list of consultants for ``NATO-Projects``.

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